PT. Selnet Optima Trikarsa Mas Nusantara was established on May 2005. the company was founded by professional who has extensive experience in telecommunication industry. The company targeting on cellular operators and vendors who wish to establishing and maintaining high quality of networks.

Our offering covers a wide range of telecommunication product and services to support our customers in increasing their business in today's complex and highly competitive market. Our product varieties offering a state-of-the-art technology ranging from software based protocol analyzer, network simulator, network post-processing tools, repeater, and RF related products. In the other hand, we also provides telecommunication engineering services, field maintenance services, and document services.

With openness, trust, teamwork, and backed up by highly trained and experienced team, we are well placed to deliver our product and services in timely and professional manner. For future growth and profitability, together with our customer and supplier we conduct ongoing improvement on our products, services and procedures. Continuous learning become our organizational culture to continuously achieve and exceed our customer requirements.

30 April 2007 07:58 AM

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